2201: A Sex Odyssey

A one-man sci-fi tale of sex and love, violence and betrayal. A little Black Mirror, a little Debbie Does Dallas…

4 thoughts on “2201: A Sex Odyssey

  1. This was well worth the wait. Having some experience with AI, I can honestly say that Mr. Glenn is exploring new ground. We need artists to open the discussion on how we are to use the new technologies to create our new culture, lest the new technologies create it for us.

  2. Looking forward very much to seeing this play. I had the pleasure of Mr. Glenn and his fine director in Old Market Square, if his insights and strength of character are any reflection on the play, this should be a highlight of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

  3. This is a well thought out futuristic world, but I found it a bit long and hard to follow. This was a bit like listening to a free audio book, there weren’t too many visuals which is a share because that could have enhanced the performance.

  4. Both confusing and boring. I will be surprised if I see anything worse at this years fringe

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