421 is Dead: A Storm Trooper Parody

TK411, a garbage-guarding stormtrooper, has his life and routine upended by love and tragedy.

5 thoughts on “421 is Dead: A Storm Trooper Parody

  1. Coolest Star Wars show ever.
    So smart to the point where some people won’t get it. The table I sat at with my friends got it. Some people seemed to not under stand the show. Beckett in space. Best sock puppet ever.

  2. Didn’t enjoy at all. A couple of chuckles, but an awful lot of standing around. Several audience members were enjoying the quite room, with their eyes closed.

    • Then you didnt get buddy. Saw it last night with my friends. We loved it. And got to chat with one of the performers after about the show which was great. But each to their own.

  3. Star Wars in a way you wouldn’t expect! Super great job from the two performers. Loved the puppet monster. The scene about stormtroopers taking vacation is worth the price alone!

  4. Saw this on opening night. And loved it. I couldn’t disagree more with the review in the free press! This show was super funny, and had a beautiful message about friendship that I think may have been lost on the reviewer. I’m not a big Star Wars fan but my friend was and she was so excited about all the Easter eggs in the show. And I was able to have a drink cause it was at the kings head!

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