6 Guitars

One performer becomes six guitarists each with their own music (blues, jazz, rock, classical, folk and country).

7 thoughts on “6 Guitars

  1. An enormous talent! You will leave there wanting more. The best live performance I have seen in years and I highly recommend this show as you will not be disappointed!!

  2. A great example of turning one guitar into six. How one man can play 6 different characters without a single wardrobe change is amazing. Wonderful show!

  3. Multi-talented artist! Amazing singer, excellent guitar player, great actor… Entertainer PAR EXCELLENCE! 5 Star performance

  4. I tell everyone that asks about the Fringe …”if you can only go to one show, go to Six Guitars” 🎸

  5. Wow! What can I say about Chase. We saw his performance last night and his show is a must see. Awesome guitar player, storytelling, character changes, unbelievable.
    We are seeing him tonight in Nashville Hurricane.
    Definitely a 5 Star performance. Thank you,

  6. wow – Wow – WOW!!! Saw this several years ago and forgot just how good this guy is – a combination of storytelling, music, multi-characters, and how he weaves them all together (and even improv with his audience!) – it doesn’t get much better than this – FANTASTIC!!!

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