A Nightmare On East Hastings: A Comedy.

An autobiographical comedy about Bill’s misadventures while managing residential properties in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

2 thoughts on “A Nightmare On East Hastings: A Comedy.

  1. Very engaging story teller! It took about 5-10 minutes to get into it but then I was right into it. Described as a comedy but very serious subject matter was covered and I commend Bill on his compassion towards people in our society who are really struggling. Without spoiling anything, the line he delivers about the man who commented on his date was absolutely hilarious!

  2. This is Bill Pats at his best. Not a nice story, but a well told story regarding the pit of human degregation that East Hastings (in Vancouver) has become, and maybe a WARNING of where Winnipeg could be heading.

    5 Stars

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