A one-human being, potentially comedic performance of LES MISERABLES

A one-person original comedy/parody musical production of Les Miserables. “Do you hear A people sing?”

12 thoughts on “A one-human being, potentially comedic performance of LES MISERABLES

  1. Hilarious, amazing one woman show that is both faithful and attentive to the plot absurdities. I hope this comes back another year as I saw it too late to bring more people who I know would love it. Well done!

  2. Very well done performance of a dark musical into a funny time condensed show! Really enjoyed this performance!

  3. I wish I saw this before I saw the musical! I could have used these Coles notes! Now I’m inspired to read the book! 4 stars

  4. A wonderfully quirky and fun, condensed ,version of Les Miserables. I smiled the whole way through.

  5. I smiled my way through this silly and fun version of one of my favourite stories! Attention to plot details were remarkable. AP’s energy was infectious!

  6. Thanks Bob! I agree that nothing can replace the full epic show- but thanks for your kind words and glad you had some fun.

  7. Helps if you’ve experienced the actual full show, yet you can still enjoy this engaging condensed quirky version which is suitable for the whole family. Not to disappoint.

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