Balls of Yarns

A Weird-larious One-Man Musical Road Trip! A Canadian premiere from Paul Strickland, star of Ain’t True & Uncle False.

2 thoughts on “Balls of Yarns

  1. I enjoyed this not only for the quirky performance but also for the intriguing allegorical stories built into the show… a land where people are taught to believe something is there that isn’t, and where they are taught that obstacles exist to prevent them from visiting the next village that they can see but never visit? The last town where liebraries and truthbraries and separate? This resonates with the current social and political reality.

  2. Balls of Yarns is a very quirky & whimsical ball to unravel. Paul Strickland spins a yarn that makes you think about the world in unique ways. Love the yarn program! Funny duets w/ a creeky door & witty stories about lie-braries vs. Truth-braries seem timely in this age of ‘fake news’.

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