Banana Man

Mistaken for Moe from The Three Stooges and his agent, Sam and Buster try to enjoy a nice Italian dinner in New York, 1964.

3 thoughts on “Banana Man

  1. This show is what fringe is about. Amazing piece of work put on by a great cast. Definitely go see this show

  2. Banana Man is a charming character play wherein the simplicity of the dialogue is complemented by well-timed, quirky humour and poignant pauses. The waitress (Mackenzie Kolton) captures the spotlight in emotional monologues, and the chemistry between her, Buster, and Sam is authentic and heart warming. This play really speaks to the desires and insecurities of actors. A must see at Fringe 2018!

  3. A charming three handler that was flying under the radar. Sympathetic portrait of Buster Keaton at the end of his career when he was working on a film scripted by Samuel Beckett. We took a chance and are SO glad we did. Lovely understated performances.

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