Big in Sudan: The (Mis)adventures of a Vagabond Musician

From Prague to Chad and Morocco to Shanghai, Melanie Gall shares stories and songs from her life on the road.

3 thoughts on “Big in Sudan: The (Mis)adventures of a Vagabond Musician

  1. She tells random travelling stories, but she sings as well! It’s not the most high tech but an enjoyable hour with someone who seems so genuine! And I think she has a wonderful singing voice!

  2. Ill prepared and more than a little disjointed. One would expect if an entertainer sings their “favorite” songs, they would actually know the lyrics to those songs. By the end it felt like listening to a self indulgent kid tell 100 unrelated “and then” stories in a row.

  3. This is the lady I love to listen to making music and this was my first show. Lots of laughter, just the way to start the Fringe. Sing along if you wish, it is the way to make the heart lighter.

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