Brain Machine

Scientists create the web to bring “harmony and understanding.” Chaos ensues. Andrew Bailey, technophobe, creates a viral video. Chaos ensues.

6 thoughts on “Brain Machine

  1. Some reviewers seem to have missed the connection between Bailey’s cautionary story about his personal experience with the internet and our collective problem with the internet and social media. I agree with Anna – it was both entertaining and thought-provoking.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this show. Bailey is a wonderful and talented story teller!

  3. This show managed to both entertain me and make me think. Well written and well performed!

  4. This performance made me feel bad for Andrew in real life, he seems to have struggled a lot in life which came through in his play. It was uncomfortable to sit through. Better luck next time.

  5. Bailey tells two stories in parallel to each other. The more interesting is a brief history of some of the men (all men) who contributed to the creation of the internet. The other concerns when the storyteller himself briefly went viral for a post about how men can also be victims of sexual assault. This story was less interesting and at times, I thought, problematic in terms of its lack of female perspective. I was expecting the two stories to eventually tied together in some sort of compelling conclusion but the ending, to me, fell flat. A bit of a wasted opportunity.

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