Cabbage Roll’s & Coffee

Clean improv comedy (EXCEPT during late shows) and perogie dinner giveaways.

3 thoughts on “Cabbage Roll’s & Coffee

  1. Great show!! You can see the veteran members wheels turning when the audience gives suggestions and they don’t disappoint! It would be helpful to know some French so one can see just how off base Mitch’s translations are of Dan’s French lines!! Love this component!
    A clean show with some great laughs. This Winnipeg institution does not fail to make you smile!

  2. Thanks for another fun show-always love last Rascal standing with Mitch;s special touch. Really like the Franco-phone skit as well-that’s a keeper!

  3. Great show – I have been to two so far. Very enjoyable, especially last night with the invited guests – double the performers, double the laughs. My face hurt from laughing.

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