Call Girls

For a good time call…or better yet, come and see three girls finding the sexiness in humour and the humour in being sexy.

19 thoughts on “Call Girls

  1. This could easily be a variety show. Great story told by three talented actresses. The story is an insightful tale of the challenges of millennial life meeting the demands of the lonely male libido. Must look up the webseries.

  2. Rubbish, save your pass clicks.

    Thankfully it was 20 minutes shorter than advertised. Shallow story line, with too much time off stage by the actors. Could it be that the earlier reviews may have friends or relatives onstage?

    1 Star

    • 1 star is pretty harsh and to allude to earlier good reviews attributed having friends or relatives on stage is a pretty weak way to determine good reviews/ a show’s success. 4 stars from the Free Press and 3 from CBC, and several sold out shows? I’m thinking it maybe this show wasn’t your cup of tea (and that’s fine). Don’t accuse people of being propped up by anything, people work hard for their shows and unfortunately everyone has different tastes.

    • Couldn’t agree more with Cherry, just because you didn’t like a show don’t accuse other reviewers. People can have different opinions, maybe really funny shows about sexual themes just ain’t your thing.

  3. Loved the energy, highly creative and funny. Really have to admire these young ladies for all of the hard work and effort. The commercials were absolutely hilarious and very innovative.

  4. Lousy, lousy, lousy…. I loved it!!
    But in a seriousness, I felt there was little cohesion. Between the three women I would say there is a charming dynamic. But it is a below average quality show. Not sure what the point was of the entire story behind it. They forgot that the medium is the message and the acting was fairly dull. So it wins my best of Fromage of shows.

  5. This definitely had some funny moments, but played out more like sketch comedy. With the show lasting only 40 minutes, it was strange to spend so much time with the lights down and the actors backstage. Could have definitely flowed better. There was so much potential with this excellent concept, but I felt like the writing fell short. The story could have taken different turns and been more exciting and engaging. Glad to hear others enjoyed it, but this one is a miss for me.

  6. Such a funny show!!! Great for a girls night/day out. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. It’s a must see! I’d suggest getting tickets in advance as they are selling out super fast at the door.

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