Delightfully Rude

Charmingly blunt humour about politics, religion and other topics of impolite conversation.

4 thoughts on “Delightfully Rude

  1. Great developing talent! First half funny as hell. As a liberal pro choice feminist, it is great to hear another voice telling it like it is, even if you don’t like it. I think that is kinda the point of some of the jokes. But we liked it! For the intellectually and open minded.

  2. A few weak spots but definitely not deserving of the 2 star review bestowed on this by the WFP! A talented comedian—this was a great 45 minute set that suffered only from being stretched into 60 minutes.

  3. A very slow, convoluted, and dry act. The jokes were forced, had no flow, and worst off were far from funny. I think it may be a stretch to even call them jokes, more like the ramblings of someone who is incredibly frustrated. Definitely avoid this show, I feel cheated out of $10.

  4. Didn’t enjoy it at all. I couldn’t follow along with the jokes, seemed like she didn’t know where she was which then I would miss punchlines or they wouldn’t make sense. She struggled to keep the crowd engaged and there were a lot of silent moments. I wouldn’t recommend going to see this one.

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