Fallen from the Toy Box

From the creators of Fruit Flies Like a Banana come tales of youth, consequences and the secret life of toys.

6 thoughts on “Fallen from the Toy Box

  1. I actually did not enjoy this show – I might be the only one who feels this way. I’ve seen the previous 2 fruit flies shows and always felt the movement enhanced the music. In this one I felt the props, costumes and “acting” were distracting and sloppy and detracted from the music. Not a fan.

  2. Year after year this troupe blows us away with their creativity and talent. Not too be missed

  3. What can be said that hasn ‘t already been said before? Great background stories and the reminder that despite the turmoil around us, at the Fringe, we are all friends are.

  4. I enjoyed Fruit Flirs too. You three are a very talented trio. Musically gifted, laugh out loud funny, and those rolling chairs… what else do you want? 😀

  5. I had no idea this was a dance/music show because otherwise I would have missed a thoroughly entertaining show. Wow! Hanging upside down while playing a flute deserves a full stand-up ovation, and the things that you can do on a stool on wheels is amazing. Well done.

    5 Stars

  6. We put this at the top of our must-see list based purely on how much we enjoyed their previous show (Fruit Flies Like a Banana). Very glad we saw it early! An extraordinary trio of musicians and… acrobats? Ballet dancers? Stunt doubles? Don’t know what to call what they do, but playing a flute while hanging upside down or riding a vibraphone across the stage is worth the price of admission! The original Iranian piece was particularly moving.

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