First Love Last Love

Jerry and Patti must choose between their first loves or each other. Those not chosen face an uncertain eternity.

11 thoughts on “First Love Last Love

  1. A special show for boomers! An interesting premise; a dilemma. Funny, thought provoking. Well written and the cast was amazing! Run, don’t walk to this show!

  2. Very thought provoking look at Love after death. This made me laugh, cry, wonder and think. Throughly enjoyed the beautiful way the story unfolded and how each individual actor portrayed an array of emotions to depict a truly heartwarming story of Love and Life in the everafter!! Kudos to the director and performers for keeping me at the edge of my seat the whole time. Absolutely loved it! Go and see this wonderfull story of Life and Love You will be both delighted and intrigued!!

  3. A meditation on love, death, and the choices we make. A solid premise with sublime acting, definitely worth your attention.

  4. Fantastic acting from this group again this year. Interesting take on purgatory, the meaning of marriage, and a reflection on how nothing really goes as planned.

  5. A very talented cast – they made me feel as if I knew them. I started wondering about the topic again and was laughing and almost crying. Wasn’t ready for it to end.

  6. This was a great thought piece performed by some great actors. I enjoyed the show and so will you. Definitely recommend that you see this show!

  7. Very enjoyable and thought provoking
    The polished cast bring the story to a very believable level
    A must see

  8. The show has a thought provoking story line presented skillfully by a very talented cast. The play tugged at my heart strings, had me laughing, and thinking and wondering about the subject at hand. I would definitely highly recommend this Fringe production.

  9. loved the entire story line. drew me in from the very beginning. actors were on point with lots of laughs and even some tears. would definitely see again

  10. A pleasant depiction of how ordinary people would like to think of themselves when their entire life falls together in one small place.

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