Four Dogs And A Bone

A producer, a writer and two actresses fight for creative control of a movie…and try to save their careers.

4 thoughts on “Four Dogs And A Bone

  1. Standout performance. Realistic storyline … colorful, relatively believable characters, emotions & motivations, in engrossing conflicts, generate relatively credible human drama. Well-paced, interesting, & substantial.

  2. Yes! A must see. Vanessa Mancini’s performance was brilliant …and hilarious!

  3. Four Dogs and a Bone is a must see!!! The cast is amazing!! If you love the film industry you will love this play!!! This cast will make you laugh!!!

  4. Bravo to the cast & crew of Four Dogs & a Bone! Powerful acting & gripping story with an insider look at the chess game of show biz. Check it out!

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