Graham Clark’s Not Here

Graham Clark appears via surrogate in a one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy show.

One thought on “Graham Clark’s Not Here

  1. I’d really been looking forward to this show. Stupid me, I hadn’t read any of the reviews and was basing my anticipation of this show on my appreciation of Graham’s podcast (Stop Podcasting Yourself).
    It felt like I had been duped into going to see a “Man Eating Chicken” performance.
    By the end of the act, my only curiosity was whether or not the “surrogate” was actually Graham Clark. If it WAS him, he’d have to struggle through listening to his own act EVERY performance, knowing what parts of his story were hitting, and which parts were missing, with his live audience. As a performer this would be really hard to do. Never being able to adjust or adapt your act.
    How Andy Kaufman. (The BEST would be if the surrogate had to remain in character throughout the entirety of the FF. Sad mute dude handing out flyers. Sad mute dude in the beer tent…)
    All in all, I’ve never seen or heard Graham Clark in person. And, even after going to this show, this remains to be true.

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