Hamlet Chapter Two: Back in Black

The sequel to Hamlet, the making of the sequel to Hamlet, and why not to make a sequel to Hamlet.

2 thoughts on “Hamlet Chapter Two: Back in Black

  1. First off, go see this show. A send-up of Hollywood and industry sexism, it comically shows the problems inherent in an art form that is also a business. So yes, go and watch and laugh. If you don’t, that’s on you not the play and the performers. Now, two slight caveats. After the show I overheard some saying the actresses playing Anne Hathaway and Ophelia needed to project more. I’d no problems hearing the former, the latter yeah but the part is such . . . put it this way. When a character has to mumble don’t blame the performer for mumbling— this is not a spoiler, FYI.

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