Watch the Knavish Hedgehogs and Shakespeare In the Ruins alumni – including director Arne MacPherson – bring Hamlet to life.

4 thoughts on “Hamlet

  1. Go see this show! It was so wonderful. The actors were all incredibly talented and portrayed their roles beautifully. The transitions were seamless and the flow was smooth. And of course the story itself is one to remember. Well done!

  2. I will be truthful here and say I was very skeptical about seeing a female Hamlet. I am a traditionalist in the sense Shakespearean Theatre should be conveyed without risky experimental methodology. I would be quick to add that although a female Hamlet did so with success I hasten not to be over critical. The play still made sense. I was pleasantly surprised and I’d make it a small triumph on a refreshing take of a purely emotive level. The transference of genders is not my cup of tea but it worked.

  3. Another Fringer told my wife and I that the show is good. My wife wanted to go so we went! I was totally unprepared to be immediately caught up in the play and moved to tears at the end. Outstanding acting and delivery, I heard every word.

  4. Very well done!! Miranda Baran is a super Hamlet, every actor held my attention, and the play has been deftly abridged to keep it to a reasonable length. See it!!

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