How My Light Is Spent

“How My Light Is Spent is a funny, hopeful play about loneliness, longing and being left behind.”

4 thoughts on “How My Light Is Spent

  1. I thought this play was delightful. The two actors were so talented, delivering a fast pitched spectacle and having us believing they were truly Welsh with their lovely accents. Definitely worth seeing…it’s my favorite this year. A true surprise. A great performance.

    5 stars

  2. Not a plain vanilla depiction of romance and sexuality. Sometimes there is no happily ever after, sometimes happy for the moment is good enough. Great performance.

  3. Not sure about this sweet little play about a phone sex operator talking to a “client” who appears to be disappearing. But the good news is that a romance grows from it. Well presented, especially if you can decipher a welsh accent.

    3.5 Stars

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