HUNKS: Choose your own Adventure

5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press
4 STARS – VUE Weekly Edmonton
“Funnier than most good episodes of Saturday Night Live.” – Jen Zoratti

7 thoughts on “HUNKS: Choose your own Adventure

  1. Best of 2018 for us. Laughed from start to finish. We hadn’t seen them before but they rated 5 stars for us. So fun!

  2. Hilarious fast paced comedic adventure! Don’t miss! They get better every year!

  3. I’m surprised every year by how creative and hilarious they are, and this year was no different. HUNKS have to be the the funniest sketch comedy group in Winnipeg!!

  4. I took some Fringe newbies to this show, and they were impressed with how clever I was for suggesting this show. Thanks for making me look good, Hunks! (One of my friends asked if her sore stomach counts as an ab workout.)

  5. When I saw them in 2016 I couldn’t stop laughing, this year was good but not as much laughing for me. Glad I went.

  6. 2 to 2 1/2 stars tops. Normally enjoy them a lot but didn’t find them overly funny this year. Although they are sketch comedy the choose you own adventure subtitle implied at least more improv than what was delivered. Very tiny and uncomfortable venue.

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