Ideas Bobert!

Surreal, whimsical and preposterous! Physical comedy and conundrum that will have the entire family laughing!

7 thoughts on “Ideas Bobert!

  1. Don’t miss this show. So grateful to have seen this gem tonight! Ideas Bobert is Hilarious! Candy is brilliant, she should always perform to a FULL house. Amazed at her ability to enthrall her audience for sixty minutes of physical humour, tap dancing, shadow puppets and music. Very emotional story, and laughed a LOT! The whole audience was engaged and delighted, interjecting comments and laughing throughout. Candace Roberts – thank you!!! You belong to a special class of performers that includes Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball.

  2. Fantastic! Non stop feeling; laughter, sadness, amazement and more. Very thankful someone stopped us on the way to another show to tell us about it. Highlight of my Fringe week! A must see good for the whole family!!

  3. My family loved this show (two adults and a six year old). Not only is this performer great on the stage but she also made the short films that are part of the show. I believe this show deserves playing to sell out crowds.

  4. If Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean co-produced a show it would be Ideas Bobert! Her comedic style is outstanding and the show is so creative! A must see!

  5. Ideas Bobert! Was absolutely hilarious! A mostly silent comedy elevated with extreme face expressions, and oversized teeth is a must see! This show had me laughing so hard I fell off of my chair!! Buy your tickets now!

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