INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space

A fierce lone geriatric astronaut protects the last of humankind. “Genius of physical comedy. Absurd and profoundly human.” 5 STARS

5 thoughts on “INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space

  1. This was one of those shows that I appreciated more after-the-fact than I did while I was in the theatre. This is probably one of the most creative shows I’ve seen. Check it out!

  2. Totally original & captivating…definitely not your “same old”, & never boring. A story of substance based on a fascinating intelligent concept. Delightfully portrayed. Funny throughout, moving at times. Her acting skills are marvelous. Standout comedy.

  3. I love the creativity and physicality that went into this performance. The concept was absurd in all the right ways. I especially love the way that she ended the show. It was perfect. This is exactly the kind of show that I love seeing at the Fringe.

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