It’s Now or Never: My Journey Through the Late Middle Ages

An intimate, humorous look at the challenges of living a creative life and getting older.

6 thoughts on “It’s Now or Never: My Journey Through the Late Middle Ages

  1. In his own words he lacks imagination but he makes up for it with insight. He has the courage to refrain from a happy ending. Not a sad ending but a fitting ending.

  2. Judah is gay, Jewish and from Boston and I’m not, but I could totally relate to him and his story. If you want raw, real AND funny, go!

  3. Excellent show 5 Stars middle age is funny and he also makes you know that you’re not alone on this journey.

  4. Judah puts on a fun show for the 55 plus crowd that can easily relate to his/our life issues. There were lots of laughs throughout his show. My wife and I would definitely recommend his show. 5 stars all around.

  5. Humourous, candid and vulnerable. Great exploration of getting older, life’s unexpected curveballs and embracing who you are and living life to its fullest.
    4 Stars.

  6. Judah is a wonderful writer and performer. His experiences connected him with the audience, finding many commonalities with them regardless of the age, sex and orientation. Definitely recommend! 4 Stars!!

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