James & Jamesy in the Dark

5 STARS “Unforgettable. Don’t miss it.” – CBC. British comedy masters and 20-time Best of Fest winners delight…in the dark.

10 thoughts on “James & Jamesy in the Dark

  1. Great interaction with the audience. Cute and deep at times.
    Simple and complex. Love it.
    I took my teenager girls and both had lots of fun, don’t miss it…. ❤️👍😊

  2. Slower than other shows. But the lampshade costumes are beautiful and the actors are geniuses at playing with the audience.

  3. Disappointing after seeing their other shows. The first 10 minutes were painfully slow. 2.5 /5.
    We had purchased advance tickets not worth the money

  4. I go back and see James & Jamesy every year, they work great off each other and the audience. I love when something happens and sometimes they break character as they laugh as well! Go in with no expectations and leave laughing. In the Dark is a little slower start then some of thier other shows but still great!

  5. I’ll never look at a lampshade the same way again! Glad I was in the front row! 😀

  6. I had such an amazing time watching this show, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing!!! Visually stunning!

  7. Don’t expect anything and be pleasantly surprised. They are great 👍

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