Jellyfish are Immortal

Welcome to the ocean. Grab a life vest. We’re going deep, but it’s gonna be a party.

4 thoughts on “Jellyfish are Immortal

  1. Sydney’s dancing conveyed as much emotion as the words that she spoke. Her message of self love is an important one and because of the recent struggles I’m overcoming in life personally, I really connected with her. I laughed, I cried and I would highly recommend this show to anyone.

  2. I had a lot of hopes for this show, which is why I had left it for my Fringe finale. To be clear, just because the performer and the audience including myself agree on issues like social justice and the environment, it doesn ‘t make the performance a good one. The show bounced between education and entertainment doing neither well. It was hard to take in, especially after Gee’ s humourous depiction of the generation that survived world war two, the previous day. Her retreat into the “safe space” of a mansion in Victoria seems silly in comparison. She decries capitalism and marketing feeding our monsters as we go through our to do lists of platitudes, and then proceeds to describe a self help course marketed to artists and cross of items from the prescribed to do list. If one is going to use science to convey one ‘s message, it would behoove one to learn some science, which she has admittedly denied doing. She claims confession helps her reclaim her life but fails to confess anything beyond “hurting two friends and losing them forever”. She describes ending a relationship with a ‘perfect man’ and then consoling herself with having a one night stand with another ‘perfect man’. Rather than ascribing that to youthful lack of judgment, she blames it on her “imperfect childhood”. Who has a perfect childhood? She lives to dance but does not put enough dance in it. Also needed more jellyfish, which begs the question, why is she in an octopus costume?! I think what I find most disturbing about this play is that is likely to be described as “typically millennial” whereas there have been so many performances by millennials (this Fringe) that have demonstrated insight, humour, and talent. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

  3. A talented performer with a positive message. Warm fuzzies all around!

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