JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years

“The Gospel according to Monster Theatre!
“Nothing short of a comic miracle” – National Post”

4 thoughts on “JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years

  1. What an amazing show! So well written, the acting was phenomenal! The transition between characters so was clear but seamless.

  2. A strong performance by two wonderful actors, Alexa and Carly. Their stage presence was wonderful, from running miles and miles to playing many different characters. The puppet scene was extraordinary. Lots of gusto and the script they followed was smart and humorous. Five stars!

  3. Hilarious concept. Well-written, great portrayal. Excellent comedic twists on bible references. No drag at all … continuous engaging entertainment. Seamless shifts between multiple character roles … a hoot.

  4. 💫💫💫💫💫
    5 stars!
    What a FUN and MOST EXCELLENT show….you will meet a multitude of hilarious characters performed effortlessly by two of the most talented comediennes I have ever seen (the “3 wisemen” are a hoot!). You will laugh, cry (with laughter) and laugh even more. Go early and order some food and a beverage. This show was a sell-out, so get your tickets early!
    “Nothing short of a comic miracle”
    (Elvis may or may not make a special appearance!!!! 😉)

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