Journey to Kalcedon Island: A Steampunk Adventure

Two intrepid sisters outsmart Steampunk pirates and uncover family secrets in a new musical from the creators of The Mystery of Krummhorn Castle.

31 thoughts on “Journey to Kalcedon Island: A Steampunk Adventure

  1. Two sisters go on an adventure to find their mother through big musical numbers, war between two different pirate groups, a funny evil pirate leader named Phil and their sassy aunt Sophie.

    Wasn’t expecting to see this show today but I am beyond grateful that I did!!! The set design, costume design and music is something beyond the level of fringe! Shout out to Jane Petroffs voice at the beginning! Christine is a gorgeous villain. Some honourable mentions are Nick Xidos and Matt Mendoza as the very funny ensemble pirates, Josh Caldo as the excentric paradise island leader and Josh Bellan as a hilarious evil Trunchbull type head mistress with a smashing moustache!
    The story did drag along for a little longer than needed and the sisters did require some stronger acting at some points to make the big plot twist moments believable but overal it was well done.

  2. Really entertaining show! I saw it Tuesday – Loved the premise; witty dialogue and clever staging. Cast looked like they were really into it and enjoying themselves so time flew by. Lots of talented singers and actors in this crew!

  3. What a fantastic show! Very funny and entertaining! I love the evil pirates, especially Phil. Last nights performance was 10/10. A must see! Bravo to the whole cast!

  4. We LOVED this show! As musical theatre enthusiasts and musical theatre students, it was definitely a win for us! Wonderful cast, great choreography, and well-thought our story. A couple of quieter soloists, but overall I thought the voice to music ratio was great. And all the voices were excellent. Way to go!

  5. I love shows with a large cast and this was truly great! I could tell a lot of hard work has been put into this huge production! Congratulations on a win! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. fun, good singing and a great start to a musical still being workshopped. a little confusing and hard to follow the story line at times Good use some editing to shorten the production to a more manageable 50 -60 minutes.

  7. Oh yeah. Like the other reviews state this show is GREAT! Truly wonderful, lively, entertaining, enjoyable, and the boarding school sequence is true to life— I went to boarding school, I know whereof, etc. Slight digression aside, why the heck are you on this website? Seriously, why when you need to buy a ticket to Journey To Kalcedon Island? Get going already!

  8. WOW! I thought that the show was GREAT! The cast and crew did an incredible job. The music was very appropriate and totally enjoyable. The story had everything needed to make a fantastic show. I may just have to go and watch it again.

  9. What fun! This show is truly engaging and even held my 3-year-old grandson’s attention for the full 75 minutes! It is wonderful to see such amazing talent amongst the cast and I predict an amazing future in musical theatre for many. A wonderful production that is sure to go far.

  10. I saw the show on opening night. It was entertaining, fast paced, and flowed smoothly from one scene to the next. The cast is talented and energetic. Great songs! Kudos to the writers and directors. I highly recommend that audiences of all ages attend.

  11. Loved the show! Super talented, energetic cast! My five year old declared, “Wow! That was better than Frozen.”

  12. A lively, fun show which would have been much more enjoyable if I could have heard the singers over the music – Friday afternoon sitting on the left side near the front.

    • Thank you for coming, and for the feedback. It’s a tricky balance to find, with large monitors right there at the edge of the stage, but we’ll try to get the music and voices at a better balance for that side at our next performance!

  13. What a wonderful opening night! A completely entertaining story with lots of humour and an engaging cast – loved it!

  14. Kudos to all! From a 10yr old & a 7yr old- “Awesome & hilarious!” Great energy, adventure, humour and even a couple of poignant moments-story line flowed, loved the costumes, fabulous music, singing, dancing & acting!!! A performance I will definitely go to see again-thanks for entertaining us production team & cast!

  15. I really liked this show! The singing, dancing, steampunk set and props were cool and I laughed a lot.

  16. Wow! Very impressed by the depth and scale of this show! Fully entertaining show from start to finish. We smiled the whole way through along with the glowing cast. Beautiful singing, the original score is just that and with so many laughs. This show is a must see and fun for the whole family. So good you can see it twice!

  17. What a high energy show with music that will stick in your mind long after the show has ended! Loved the performance last night and was laughing so hard at times! It was visually and musically so entertaining!

  18. This show features an incredible original score & story by Fringe faves – Joseph Aragon & Heather Madill. I’m so in awe of their talents! Joined onstage by a cast of extremely talented emerging musical theatre stars makes for a stunning show!

  19. Really fun show! The actors on stage are clearly having a really great time, and their dynamic presence invites the audience to have fun with them. Great sense of humour, too!

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