Macbeth: The After Party

In 1611, actors from Macbeth meet at a local tavern to celebrate after their performance, with unexpected and hilarious results.

4 thoughts on “Macbeth: The After Party

  1. Humorous dialogue, highly-differentiated over-the-top characters … a farcical comedy. Light-weight, but moderately interspersed with Shakespearian quotes. Excellent costuming. Some quite clever repartee (yes, especially the witches).

  2. Proof that just because you know Shakespeare and are an English professor, doesn’t mean you can write a play that is any good. Shallow plot, one-note characters that are not entirely well-portrayed. It’s good that these guys clearly take themselves seriously as actors, because no one else does. The witches actually were funny, in what was the only fragment of credibility in any of these performances.

    2 stars, and that’s being generous.

  3. As the earlier reviewer said terrific fun and very laughable. You bet the witches excel!

    5 Stars

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