Maybe Baby

From the couple that gave birth to God Is A Scottish Drag Queen comes a comedy about what to expect when you’re NOT expecting.

7 thoughts on “Maybe Baby

  1. Excellent show! Laughed and wept hysterically. I did not experience infertility but I know grief and there are so many parallels and each experience requires bravery beyond what we think we have. Thank you for giving me an inside look at what others I know and love have experienced.

  2. Loved the rapport between the actors and although I couldn’t relate to their experience their story was touching. So glad we saw it!

  3. As someone who also has infertility I appreciated SO much this couple sharing their story. I felt my own experiences echoing in their own. They did a fantastic job recreating for the audience the feelings every couple feels on their journey of infertility. They were honest and raw which makes them so courageous. They also splashed in lots of humor along the way. I’d recommend this for everyone to see. I very much enjoyed it!

  4. I hadn’t planned on seeing this show, but missed the “other” show. So glad I sat in front! This couple has got great timing and are very endearing. Her emotions are raw and exposed, great show! Thanks for sharing. God keep blessing you! 😀

  5. As a newlywed embarking down this path this was an incredibly honest and hilarious and heartbreaking glimpse.

  6. A humorous look at fertility from a personal viewpoint. Chantelle is an amazing performer who more than matched her always timely husband, Mike Delacourt.

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