Mind-blowing interactive theatre with master mentalist and magician Louis Pezzani. Astounding, hilarious and unforgettable!

3 thoughts on “MIND MAGIC

  1. I’m a big fan of magic and really wanted to see this show. I wasn’t disappointed. He reads the body language of several people and then starts to read people’s minds. It is mind blowing and I’ve never seen a magician like this. He also bends spoons and forks including when other people are holding them. A great show and my daughter (10 years old) really liked it too. Funny and amazing.

  2. Louis was amazing and did a great job of keeping the audience entertained and engaged! Lots of audience particpation and he was never rude or used insult comedy. I highly recommend this show to anyone!

  3. Pretty darn amazing. I don’t see how everyone could be his accomplice but I don’t know how he could do those things otherwise. The metal bending was incredible. He is very friendly, funny and quite charming. Kreskin for modern audiences!

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