Monster Variety Hour

Monster Variety Hour explores the horrors of 21st century life in a series of satirical sketches with classic monsters.

2 thoughts on “Monster Variety Hour

  1. The show ended 30 minutes early and that was in everyone’s best interest. It was very clear from the first few minutes that there just wasn’t very much preparation that went into this show. It feels like a shame to waste 45 minutes on this one when there are so many fringe shows that represent an endless amount of time and hard work. That said I really hope the performers aren’t discouraged from creating work in the future but instead learn from this and take the rehearsal part of theatre more seriously, even if it’s “improv”. It’s awesome to do fringe for the fun of it but you have to make sure the audience is able to come along for the ride…and we weren’t.

  2. Cringingly bad! Stupid dialogue, obviously no rehearsals, no story.. like watching someone else on their phone! Snuck out after 30 minutes.

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