Murder by Poe

A deadly game of cat and mouse, Murder by Poe is a theatrical reimagining of Poe’s famous Tales of Terror!

4 thoughts on “Murder by Poe

  1. Very well done… a fantastic telling of Poe’s most famous tales, the chemistry and talent of the cast is unparalleled!

  2. Quoth the Raven: never better!

    This is a brilliantly-staged compilation of Poe’s greatest murder mysteries, which perfectly captures the feverish, dread-soaked atmosphere of the his writing and the manic insanity of his characters. The costumes, production design, and direction are all top-notch (especially the use of lighting and the impressively fluid character changes) and the manner in which the stories are woven together is nothing short of genius.

    Possibly the best show I have seen so far at Fringe – a must-see for Poe and Gothic Horror fans and anyone who enjoys a clever, thoughtful adaptation.

    -Gilles Messier
    Writer/Director, ‘The Sport of the Engineer’

  3. Opening sequence sure had me thinking I was in a dark and dreary mansion . .. at midnight . . . a single candle to light my way . . . a guttering single candle . . . was that a black cat crossing my path?. Incredibly atmospheric, excellent performances all around, I’d say thumbs up but y’know it is Poe, so . . shrouds up! (Or should it be down or draped?) Anyway, the raven doth NOT cry out Nevermore! for this show, go see!

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