Old Dyke Tales

A matriarch rebels against the societal and religious conventions of 1970s Catholic suburbia, to discover her sexuality and true self.

9 thoughts on “Old Dyke Tales

  1. Wow, what an outstanding performance. This show had it all: humour, tears, and a whole lot of very important history! This was incredibly well done and engaging. Highly recommend!!

  2. This one woman show packs a lot of lesbian herstory into one hour. She evokes laughs, a few tears and does a really engaging job of it.
    I’d recommend it. As an exciting note her Nana, on who’s life this was based, was there.
    A solid 4 star performance.

  3. Best show I’ve seen at the fringe so far. Wonderfully written and performed. Takes a funny, heartbreaking and honest look at a woman coming out at a time when to do so was almost impossibly difficult. What is essentially a family drama contains larger implications about courage, love and remaining true to oneself. Political without being preachy, emotional without being manipulative. See this show.

  4. A must see and the best show I’ve seen at fringe! A perfect mix of humour, émotion and real-ness. Come for the awesome storytelling, stay for the cute buttons! #vivalavulva

  5. Absolutely fantastic show. I was left speechless and in tears at the end. Zoe is a fabulous artist and a talent to watch—she is funny and touching in equal measure, and I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

  6. My favorite show at the Fringe! Zoe is a wonderful performer and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The writing is terrific and the show made me laugh and well up with tears at times. I just didn’t want it to end. Don’t miss this one!!!

  7. Tightly woven, engaging one-woman show about the personal challenges of her grandmother in the face of societal and family attitudes of the times. A must-see!

  8. Saw this opening night! Great show, great story telling, important re-telling of one lesbian’s herstory. Definitely worth seeing! #vivalavulva

  9. Awesome show! Great storytelling with emotion, physicality and humour! See this one before it sells out.

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