One Man Pride and Prejudice

Charles Ross (One Man Star Wars) tackles the greatest romantic comedy: the intrigue, dancing and proposals are given the one man once-over.

3 thoughts on “One Man Pride and Prejudice

  1. Fantastic!! This is definitely 5 stars! May go again!! Love your Mr. Darcy😍

  2. Watched it with a bunch of different friends. One had read the Pride and Prejudice book and watched the movie and the TV series, one had only read the book, one had only watched the TV show, I only watched the movie, two never watched or read anything about it, we all laughed our guts out, it was GREAT!

  3. Once again One Man does it all, every part, true to the story with humor and fast paced action. I may never have to read the book, a wonderful way to see the story unfold.

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