Puppet Guy, Africa’s top ventriloquist

Puppet Guy is an hour of hilarious ventriloquism with an African flavour from a double international EMMY-nominated comedian.

5 thoughts on “Puppet Guy, Africa’s top ventriloquist

  1. OMG-I almost peed my pants!!!! Best chance I took so far this year…..and there’s been a few great surprises. The amount of research this performer put into what Canadians will think is funny is to be commended (are we sure he isn’t a Canadian pretending to be African? James and Jamesy had me fooled for a couple years). Completely and totally awesome…..please come back next year!

  2. The three of us were more than pleasantly surprised with the show. It was absolutely excellent, leaving us in stitches for a full hour. Wonderful incorporation of audience members and local content into the show. 5-stars

  3. The actual Ventriloquist talent in this show is mind blowing. Though, I am fourteen and lots of the humor was over my head. That being said, the show was still really fantastic!

  4. Flat out hilarious! He’s superbly talented and showcases a lot of variety!
    Must see.

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