See No Evil

Does Russell Partridge plan to murder his wife or is it all in her mind? Find out in Marc A. Moir’s See No Evil.

7 thoughts on “See No Evil

  1. I am not sure why this “show” got such rave reviews. Its just people reading a script standing there reading their lines into a mic. And yes I know the premise and what they were trying to do but I don’t pay money to watch people just pretend their on a radio show, standing reading a script. Super boring and not very clever.

  2. Without a doubt, See No Evil is one of the best plays at the Fringe. It is a rare thing to find a performance that perfectly balances mystery, humor, and story telling, but See No Evil had me laughing, gasping in shock, and marvelling at the INGENIOUS use of everyday objects to make the believable atmosphere that was the play. 11/10 would DEFINITELY encourage everyone to see it!!!

  3. So much fun! Saw it for the second time last night and loved every moment. See No Evil is excellently written and performed, and is a truly entertaining production from start to finish (so many facets to it!). Don’t miss your chance to catch this gem!

  4. With characters silently interacting as themselves during scripted scenes, cleverly worded commercial breaks, and delightful British accents, See No Evil is a show you will want to see! I was particularly impressed with the foley work (sound effects created with physical objects or voices). I thought some of the sounds must have been pre-recorded because they were so perfect! After talking to Laura Moir, the multi-talented actress portraying Mary (and playing live original music throughout the play), I am assured that the sound effects were indeed created and executed live. The music added perfectly to the radio play atmosphere. Once again, the Moirs have put on an excellent show!!

  5. See No Evil was completely enjoyable! It’s well written, a good premise for a story and the performances were great. Closed my eyes several times to experience it as a radio play. This delivers the goods!

  6. Great performance. Very creative way of conveying a story. A fine venue, enjoy the show with an adult beverage. Many other great plays in the same location. Makes for a fine evening.

  7. Saw Looking Glass Productions’ opening of See No Evil tonight. A real mystery, masterfully presented. Exceptional performers with a great script presented in an ingenious style. It’s clever and suspenseful, and great fun.

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