Self-Help Shelf

A comedic one-woman show that explores the nuance and ridiculous nature of finding your authentic self and what influences this conception.

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  1. I am shooketh, I am dying, I am living, I am crying… she’s iconic… WIG SNATCHED -Katy Perry.

    This Katy Perry quote perfectly describes how I feel about stand out fringe performer Chelsey Grewar from Awkward Cheese Co. The show is written so brilliantly and her performance took my breath away. The show is sprinkled with surprises and jokes that will make you cry out in laughter. I highly advise watching. I found it very relatable and inspiring.

  2. Amazing debut for Awkward Cheese Co. Chelsey is a woman with many talents. This show is SO relatable and had me in stitches the entire time! I would HIGHLY recommend seeing this show!

  3. Fresh, clever, thoughtful and generally very well acted, this show has been my most pleasant surprise at this year’s Fringe (I’ve seen six shows so far).

  4. Great show! Written and performed by a local artist, tackling millennial baggage in a very comedic manner. This is what Fringe is all about!

  5. Self-Help Shelf

    We had the distinct pleasure of attending an original and superb one woman Fringe show Wednesday evening written by the Grewar twins, Chelsey & Shona and preformed by the former. It was excellent both in writing and execution.

    Millennial Maggie, the main character, is a peppy yet confused 20 something woman trying to transition out of her teens into her “real life”; trying to find her identity while maintaining some semblance of self love.

    The show tackles many of the large questions of today, using Maggie’s creative and hilarious imaginings of interactions with the Trish, author of a Self-Help book on Millennials.

    The themes dealt with range from the state of a woman’s place in the job market, competing with men, landing the “perfect” man and whether that’s even a thing, the dating scene, sex and satisfaction, social media, technology use or over use really, families & friends and negotiating those relationships to name but a few.

    What made this show wonderfully easy to watch, despite the important and demanding content that people need to hear was the incredible physical presence and comedy of Chelsey Grewar. From the moment the play opened she commanded the stage. She transitioned between Trish, the author, and Maggie, the Millennial, with ease. It was brilliant!

    This is a must see for Winnipeg Fringers.

  6. Such a funny show – don’t miss this one! Self-Help Shelf should be a standout first run for Chelsey Grewar and the Awkward Cheese Co.!

  7. BEST FRINGE SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN! As a millennial female this is so hilarious and so damn relatable. I almost needed CPR from laughing so hard. I am definitely going to see this one AGAIN! This is a must see show. I am telling everyone about this… my weave has officially been snatched! Congrats to Awkward Cheese Co. and what a way to debut your theatre company! This was such a well-written show and the actress executed her roles phenomenally!

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