She Was a Great Dad

It’s 1950 and Johnny Swinton, an accomplished musician, husband and father has a secret – he’s a woman.

6 thoughts on “She Was a Great Dad

  1. I saw She Was a Great Dad yesterday, and can’t stop thinking about it. An amazing performance as one actress seamlessly moved between four roles, excellently portraying each character. But also a moving portrait of a sensitive topic- a person born and raised female choosing to live as a man, first just for employment and love of music, and then in all areas of life. This takes place in the 1940’s-60’s and is based on a true story.

    It raised so many questions in my mind, and so many emotions- from the facts about what women were allowed to do in society, to acceptance of each person as they are, regardless of gender, etc.
    Highly reccomend this play!!

  2. Excellent actress who captured the essence of the characters and delivered a great show. She deserves 5 stars!

  3. Music, love, and being true to one’s self.

    Music is his life, and living as a man in a man’s world is the only way “Johnny Tipton” can fulfill his musical dreams.

    Susan Jeremy delivers an honest and powerful presentation in this multi-character piece. Is music the core of “Johnny’s” identity, or is “his” primary struggle with sexuality?

    She Was A Great Dad is an absolute MUST SEE!

  4. I was worried that I’d fall asleep because the show was so late. Was I wrong! I couldn’t take my eyes of the brilliant actress as she switched characters so effortlessly I didn’t even want to blink, like the rest of the audience, afraid I’d miss something. Very touching and at times humorous. thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend..

  5. I came in not knowing what to expect but left thoroughly entertained from this thoughtful, topical, well crafted and timely piece. As all good theater does it creates pathos and humor while making you think about the human condition. The performer was spectacular and worth the price of admission. I enjoyed watching how engaged the crowd was and listening to their laughter.

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