Squeeze My Cans

“This one-woman show lets you experience for yourself how Scientology devours money and lives. Moving, hilarious, heartbreaking and redemptive.”

4 thoughts on “Squeeze My Cans

  1. Simply an amazing show. Cathy was so genuine in letting you know what Scientology is all about and the costs you will incur (making bankruptcy a real option). Totally recommend this show to all. Funny, informative and heartbreaking.

    • I am so late in responding to your lovely words. I had a blast in Winnipeg and since then in Calgary. I am heading to Vancouver after some lovely travel in this wonderful country. Thank you again for taking the time to write this and to support theatre. Best, Cathy

  2. Very well done and gives the audience a good glimpse inside of scientology auditing and how much it all costs.

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