The Elephant Girls

Britain’s notorious girl gang stole from the rich and gave to themselves. Riveting, seductive, humorous, horrifying. 5 STARS – CBC

4 thoughts on “The Elephant Girls

  1. Elegantly written, passionately performed, impeccable timing and delivery…..we were impressed also by the content, clearly researched , with care and attention to details, from the choice of music to the props.
    Definitely worth a rave!

  2. I didn’t realize that “Elephant Girls” referred to a gang from the Elephant and Castle area in the east end of London! even though my Nana lived in “The Elephant” for all her life.

    Anyway this is an amazing show, a full 75 minute monologue of a gang member from the early 20th century. How do actors do that, without any prompting? As they say a “Ripping Yarn”. Go see it.

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