The Placeholder Show

The Placeholder Show is a one-person sketch/storytelling/multimedia anthology, presented by J.D. Renaud, for your consideration.

4 thoughts on “The Placeholder Show

  1. Wonderful show! Loved the variety. Lots of charm and heart, and very funny! Best comedy show I’ve seen this year and for a good while. Doubt you’d regret seeing it!

  2. Wonderful quirky storytelling full of heart and even some vulnerability. Charming as hell. Highly recommended.

  3. Always enjoy listening to this performer. I’m trying to explain the show to a friend, and he says “That’s the whole show?” Yup-random, funny and heart felt. Plus a song at the end. And you can order a beer during the show!

  4. Amazingly fun one person show! Lots of variety, bizarre but also with a lot of heart. Definitely worth seeing if you like your Fringe shows super Fringey! Two big thumbs up!!

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