The Placeholder Show

The Placeholder Show is a one-person sketch/storytelling/multimedia anthology, presented by J.D. Renaud, for your consideration.

4 thoughts on “The Placeholder Show

  1. Wonderful show! Loved the variety. Lots of charm and heart, and very funny! Best comedy show I’ve seen this year and for a good while. Doubt you’d regret seeing it!

  2. Always enjoy listening to this performer. I’m trying to explain the show to a friend, and he says “That’s the whole show?” Yup-random, funny and heart felt. Plus a song at the end. And you can order a beer during the show!

  3. Amazingly fun one person show! Lots of variety, bizarre but also with a lot of heart. Definitely worth seeing if you like your Fringe shows super Fringey! Two big thumbs up!!

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