The Sport of the Engineer

The true story of Dorothy Lawrence, a journalist who disguised herself as a soldier to report from the trenches of the First World War.

7 thoughts on “The Sport of the Engineer

  1. Way to go!Thanks from bringing this piece of history to life! If you like true stories about the great war, it is a must. Well written, well played…last show today and I am going back!

  2. Found it both funny and sad. Funny, as the Dorothy Lawrence sets out to go to the trenches. Sad, for what happens to her afterwards. Either way, excellent presentation.

  3. WOW! Great story…well written. A cast of 9 actors where most play more then one role. If you like history, go see it! Take a chance with this local company. That what the Fringe is about. So much attention to details with the costumes and props. The leading role is really good…touching ending. Congrats!

  4. The attention to detail in this production is impressive, from the costumes to the sets and props, everything was of professional caliber. The female lead blew me away in this HUGE role. The story does have slow moments that could be streamlined for the stage and lagging transitions that hinder the momentum of the show. That being said this is one of the most elaborate fringe shows I have seen and their hard work shows! Bravo!

  5. This show has really polished their performance since opening night. Great writing and acting was spot on. Don’t miss it.

  6. This was an incredible story. The acting was compelling — special shout-out to the actor who played Mr. Stoker! — and the costumes and props were mind-blowing. It was truly a wonderful window into WWI, the life of a sapper, and Dorothy Lawrence in particular.

    It’s not often a Fringe play will make me feel like I just watched a documentary, but this one certainly did. Go for the sheer spectacle.

  7. This might be a great story, however I couldn’t hear the main actress’s dialogue. As an actress she has to PROJECT, many other people were saying the same thing as we walked out. I’d like my money back please. Even the sound system that was used in the court marshall scene was way to low to hear. Zero stars.

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