The Wilds

WONDERHEADS are back! Pixar meets Miyazaki in a tale about a woman who much search for her husband in the mysterious Wilds.

8 thoughts on “The Wilds

  1. I was so looking forward to this show but must say that we were both disappointed. Not sure how we missed what the story was about. Many pauses and slow paced.

  2. Loved this show. Favorite of the fringe by far. 5 stars!! Everyone needs to see it!

  3. This company does not disappoint- the acting, masks, staging tell a touching story.

  4. Grateful to see the world premiere of The Wilds. Exceptional & whimsical storytelling that will remind you of what the nature of true love is. Like Pixar and Jim Henson, this is show is a must-see! ❤️

  5. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying! The Wonderheads get me every time. Simplicity, yet right to the heart of things. It’s an exquisite show.

  6. Remarkable. These two are physical storytelling/puppetry at it’s finest. Their subtle movements somehow bring static faces to life. I would watch this again in a heartbeat. (More than a few people pulled out tissues.)

  7. No words needed. The acting is fabulous Very thought provoking They never disappoint us. Highly recommend

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