There Ain’t No More!

An old folksinger confronts his troubled past, his legacy and death with five instruments in this award-winning tour-de-folk operetta.

6 thoughts on “There Ain’t No More!

  1. A very interesting show, I’m still working on figuring it all out. This was one of a trio of shows I saw this year that seemed to contain a deep reaction to our current social and political reality (the other ones being Brain Machine and Balls of Yarns). As the play says, we are bored by folk music, but folk music has the power to connect us socially and make us aware of our history. Our culture and society has a dodgy ticker and is on the verge of keeling over for lack of human connections.

  2. Talented performer- funny parts with some heavy content that may have been too sophisticated for me. This performance has live music, jokes, emotional monologues. The staging/props really add to the show.

  3. AMAZING SHOW. So many different instruments and voices. Lovers of great writing and music must go!!!

  4. A fun show with lots to think about in it. Definitely a drama but a lot of laughs too

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