Two White Guys Solve All the World’s Problems

A dark comedy about how oppressed white men are in this culture.

6 thoughts on “Two White Guys Solve All the World’s Problems

  1. Two very talented actors dealing with a tough script. Very well done, impressive set.

  2. A slacker and a quitter. A surprise twist ending. Could have been two guys of any color or persuasion. I feel like having a brownie now!

  3. Correction of the program – Mature: coarse language, sexual content.
    Over the top and totally ridiculous in the best (worst?) way, a little rough around the edges but still a clever parody and surprisingly thoughtful.
    (Very important to understand what dark comedy is before attending.)

  4. The entire show was a guy spewing sexist and racist comments. Kept waiting for the point but it just never came. Been to hundreds of Fringe shows. The first one I’ve ever walked out of.

    • You might have missed the point by leaving early. As a volunteer, I’ve seen many shows too. Hats off to the creators for talking a chance. That’s what Fringe is all about.

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