VarieTease: Room 100 at The Chelsea Hotel

“The tale of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen’s last night told through dance.
“”Riveting…compelling”” – Orlando Sentinel”

9 thoughts on “VarieTease: Room 100 at The Chelsea Hotel

  1. WOW! What a fantastic show! The dancers are incredible and the violinist/dancer OMG! As the young people say “Off the chain” Wow!
    Just go see them!👍

  2. So eMOTIONal and POWERful. Nearly cried it was that deep. Please return to Winnipeg next year performers. We love you !!!

  3. Jose and your electric violin is superb. All the dancers are awesome and show keeps you on the edge of your seat. Would definitely see this again

  4. Wow! So professionally entertaining! Not what I was expecting, more than I could have imagined! Jose is the most beautiful sexy man I’ve ever witnessed on stage, and Blue, what can I say? Stunningly strong woman! All dancers were amazing, I am planning to see it again this weekend. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • What a lovely surprise when Jose brings out his electric violin! So talented, thanks for the hug! 😀

  5. This show was amazing. Beautiful, sexy, dark and immaculately acted. The performers were unbelievably graceful and talented. I couldn’t believe I was at The Fringe rather than at a professional dance show costing ten times the price of admission. Not to mention the awesome music which kept my heart racing while the tragic story unfolded on the stage. I would watch this again in a heartbeat. Thanks to the artists for an amazing experience.

  6. A little too literal:-knives, drugs, rape, evil/good…but the dancers are amazing.

    Program is short…ending is unclear.

  7. This show is so intense, beautiful and dark. As much as we already know how the story of Sid & Nancy ends, it still holds surprises. Incredible dancers and unexpected music choices in a score that absolutely works. If this is the only dance piece I get to during this Fringe, so be it – I am sure VarieTease will prove to be among the best such shows offered this year.

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