War of 1812

Mike Delamont, Morgan Cranny, Rod Peter Jr, Wes Borg and the ghost of Pierre Burton. War has never been this funny!

5 thoughts on “War of 1812

  1. A must-see. These guys are top-notch … hilarious & action-packed. Excellent jokes & historical references. Smooth, professional swift-paced delivery of interesting (brilliantly manipulated) historical content. The dialogue interplays magically amongst the richly comical characters.

  2. 1st, this show gets FIVE yes FIVE maple leaves! (This is Canada, let’s have our own rating system!) 2nd, this show has a MAJOR MAJOR problem! Oh yes it does! The problem is that the CLAPPING and LAUGHING of the AUDIENCE drowns out the performers!

  3. Fast-paced humour by a four-man cast, taking the common view of Canadian history as bland and turning it on its head with a romp through The War of 1812. At times I got a little lost in the details and who was who, but didn’t matter as it was such a fun time.

  4. Fast, funny, irreverent, sometimes confusing but elucidates Canadian history as is not done in schools.

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