Two people. Trapped in an abyss. Refusing to get along. How and why do people come to hate each other?

6 thoughts on “Animosity

  1. A fine example of the absurdist style. A great exploration of an emotion that few will experience in its raw form. It takes two humans with all of their flaws and literally removes all distractions so that their emotions can clash freely.

  2. Really interesting concept. Makes you think about the impact of your actions and how they effect others.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of plays in my day with a huge diversity in talent and subject matter and unfortunately this has to be one of the least enjoyable plays I have ever experienced. I wanted to leave after 10 minutes and after 25 wished I had that talent to fall asleep anywhere. Sadly I watched the whole self indulgent debacle of two seeming adolescent friends or lovers engaging in the most pointless and shallow conversation I’ve ever witnessed. What a mess.

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