A reimagined version of Reginald Rose’s classic play 12 Angry Men, set in a contemporary high school during a lockdown crisis.

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  1. Such an incredibly well done adaptation of 12 angry men. The students in this play are brilliant in their roles, delivering timely messages on racism, bullying and social media misuse.

    Everyone needs to see this show!

  2. It is a great adaptation of 12 angry men, and even though it is said to be written by students, they did a really good job at making a play, and being able to perform this as the youngest actors at the Fringe Festival.

    This show talks a lot about today’s world and the culture of high school. It is really impactful to me watching this unfold in front of my eyes. Every part of this show had me think about what teens feel when they go through something to frightening.

    The show gives me a huge perspective of bullying, racism, and consequences of miss using the internet. It really had me think about everything I was doing, and how it might change someone’s life with only one click or tap of a screen.

    Although this show sounds dark, it’s inspiring, since these kids are fighting though such a difficult time, showing courage, and devoting their image to save someone else’s reputation. This gives he hope believing there are kids/teens out there willing to go out of their way to help others.

    On top of that these kids were able to provide some jokes to this play to prevent giving this play the gloomy feeling. Great job! I’m proud of these kids ability to act and perform something like this over and over again without them losing their minds.

    Props to you kids. Best of luck, and I really hope more people would go and take a look at this show, just because of the message you throw out there.

  3. Excellent take on 12 Angry Men, and relevant with today’s culture. Entertaining and impactful

  4. Took in tonight’s performance of 12 by students and staff from NMC. Thoughtful, honest, and emotional. Bravo to the cast and crew!!!

  5. I loved this show! It was incredibly thought provoking, captivating, and unique. I highly recommend everyone to check this one out! Congrats to NMC for putting on a wonderful show.

  6. A thought provoking play, I believe everyone should see this.
    Excellent acting and directing by students & staff of NMc

  7. I loved it whilst I don’t have social media myself I loved the message and it definitely made me rethink how I view information and how I judge the information. Thank you NMC for creating this amazing play bravo

  8. A thoughtful, contemporary look at social media and how it impacts lives. A talented cast of high school students performing a play adapted/written by their peers at NMc

  9. Wow!!! Superb adaptation. Very relevant and so very well cast and directed. A very talented group of young people. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  10. This play is so well done. The cast is excellent. The message is thought-provoking. Highly recommend seeing this. I would suggest getting tickets in advance to avoid any sell-outs.

  11. Remarkably relevant! Clever insights delivered by a superb, well directed cast. Don’t wait, get your ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. This is the best play I have ever seen and I have seen Les Mis! I am a 14 year old grade 9 student and this is play had an impact. Well done.

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