A playwright is haunted by two of his most iconic characters as they take on a life of their own.

10 thoughts on “(Art)ist

  1. I was overwhelmingly impressed with this show. The actors did an incredible job bringing Seb, Vic, and Linda to life in a real, much needed way. The script tastefully engages with a sensitive subject area in a way that is powerfully thought provoking. Thank you for writing these characters into the world to support and stand up for Lindas everywhere. 5 stars.

  2. Five stars. A powerful statement on the role the arts can play in shaping our society, with the emphasis on the potential negative role. A playwright struggling to write a new play is haunted by the characters of his one great (20 year old) play, the charismatic bad boy and the long suffering girlfriend. Seb, the bad boy (as he says ‘anti-hero, not asshole’ not seeming to get you can be both, in fact a pretty common pairing), encourages him to just coast on the reputation of the old play, and give Seb free rein. Linda, the ‘supportive girlfriend’, encourages him to shelve the play for good. As the play unfolds, you can’t help but see why. While the script could be a little tighter-the theme is repeated one or two times too many- it is an unflinching look at gender based violence, which, sadly, is still depressingly topical.

    The actors’ performances are fantastic, with terrific chemistry between them all.

    Very thought provoking. It made the person I attended with re-think the media they consume. No more charismatic anti-heroes, thanks. There are lots of other choices out there, misogyny free!

  3. This is one of the better dramatic works I’ve seen this year. Touches on a few different issues that I think many people may not even realize are things they may actually be buying into in an insightful way. I would definitely recommend.

  4. I found it intriguing and compelling. It deals with questions about gender and abuse and the depictions of such things in art. As writers, what narrative are we perpetuating? Is it our responsibility how people react? On the other hand, I found the script a bit repetitive and lecturing, and I feel like the best art should show and let you make up your own mind instead of pounding you over the head with their message. 4/5

  5. just OK. Felt like you were listening into someone’s over the top conversation. I want to be moved and not lectured.

  6. There is a definite element of truth to this undisparaging piece of theatre. I would characterize the narrative as an attempt at displacing humor in favor of very distinct satire. I think the subject matter in between vices of alcoholism – sexually deviant behaviors – and unfruitful guilt leaves an impressionable mark on its audience. A noble effort.

  7. Definitely makes you think about the ultimate decision the writer has to make. A disturbing reflection of far too many relationships, but injected with wit, humour and (possible) redemption. Excellent acting and great tension that draws you in and doesn’t let you go.

  8. Bravo! A compelling script with actors who execute flawlessly. (Art)ist draws you into a timely debate that will pull your emotions in every direction. Would see it again in a heartbeat!

  9. This show is funny, thought-provoking, and doesn’t flinch from asking the questions that will make you uncomfortable. The acting is terrific, and the dialogue crackles. 10/10 would (will) see again.

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